Would you want to stop or freeze time if only for one day?

    Haven’t all you guys wanted to just for one solid day stop time? like the clock don’t work or possibly you could freeze the process of aging? ” I sit starring at my children at least one of my babies, she is only one of the true reason’s behind me asking you this and I honestly have six more reason’s as to why I am one of those desperate to stop the time flow for at least on day. I have six children an a husband, know my life is not what anyone would considered a joyful blissfully delightful time at my house on certain days. I don’t consider even one second of ever to change my life’s course. Though even on my worst day I wouldn’t hesitate to stop the time flow for the beautiful noise of my chaotic life an all its loud joys.

  Helping anyone wasn’t my first choice in my near future, though over these four an a half years I am grateful to been blessed long enough to offer some insight into my life and a life which I have lived four an a half years looking through a new pair of freshly gotten eyes the sober and clean kind, and I am so happy to see the love my children and life can generate me.

  Having to keep up with myself being well at all times was a very energetic and draining experience for over twelve years of my life, taking away my teens all the way in to my adult years and now I am able to reclaim that darkness with all this fresh loving light. I am a recovery addict so there are times I have in everyday which possibly could make me relapse I just choose to live my life away from all the drugs including anyone I was around no matter the relationship and no matter the family status I have honestly cut them completely off for successfully stay clean. I am grateful that I am able to confide in you readers and share my daily and life experiences along with the proper knowledge that has helped me through the hardest and most difficultly trying times.


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