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I know from doing so much reading and searching on this subject, I am married; yes it’s happily marriage just is starting to lack serious problems that is not starting to come in between us. I have always thought since we fell truly in-love that our lives would always be the exact same considering; We are such great best friends, we are lovers and had the best open two-sided communication we made sure to keep alive so we would not go through this heart wrenching situation. Worst is that he was such the most passionate man, being a passionate individual doesn’t mean that is just having sex with each other and that is our passion, no that is horribly on the worst and wrong the wrack. I miss walking through the mall when he grabs my hand wrapping and intending our fingers locking them into place while we would shop, or us spending us time together for us to have such wonderful talks, considering us having the best communication between the both of us since day one in 2007, and now it’s continuing to just slip further away more each day. I try just talking to him about anything, making my self noticed since here lately he seems though I am invisible and what hurts the worst is when no matter who walks up to him he can always find a conversation with them and keep one for hours, but I may receive only one whole sentence a day if I am lucky.

Sending my thoughts going haywire over what should I do in a situation as this one, then I love him so deeply; meaning I am so deeply in-love with this man. I could never picture just up and leaving him moving on to another relationship one day, definitely could never picture my partner in another womans arms and having a relationship with another person ever. So since I couldn’t think of what I should do with our relationship and hoping maybe since I researched several different articles about what i should do to regain a marrige like we once hag so I think i have honestly found at least two different idea’s and I am willing to share them with everyone who can relate to the problems I am ecountering with my marriage this last year and hopefully once I try each idea that I gained from an article on the internet.

First let me help other people understand that intimacy is not just about sex, it’s about so much more in a realtionship/marriage.

1Touching your husband in sexy ways outside the bedroom-a squeeze here, a message there will remind you both that the bustle of daily life can give way to the rustle of nighttime get-together. It’s important to remember that intimacy doesn’t just occur in the bedroom set aside special times to be intimate with one another, for example; cooking together, setting aside times to give each other messages, reading to one another, plus go do dance lesson practicing etc. It is so easy in the busy world to become like ” Business” partners, or roommates, each of you attending to the daily tasks of running home , family and a career.

2. Communicating is the biggest part of a marriage/relationship period.

Let your spouse know your sexual like and dislikes in a non;confronting way. The more both of you become more comfortable communicating your needs. The more likely you are to explore and start trying new things-no one is to blame for a stale sex life but those who just simply give up on there sex lives without giving it their all. And remember in a marriage, your also best friends, communicating on a friendship level means always chosing your right words and actions with care and always approaching one another in an open honest way.

Well that is just only two of the idea’s I decided to share on my situation and those two idea’s actually are more realistic looking than ninty percent of the other researching I did sounded but I have so many good idea’s to now consider in my daily life to help me get our marriage back to the blissful passionate state it once was for so many years.

Sharon LeAnn Driver

Reminding once what me and my partner looked like while we walked through a state park.

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