Who can actually help my marriage

Having been with my partner since the year 2007, we started out going so fast and I think that also has so much to do with our issues now, but we were so affectionate during our sexually motivated activites, we knew just how important it was to have at least some type passionate activites when being in a marriage. i always knew one day it would start to become what I prayed would never happen. I am certain at most nights when he rolls over oppisitte of me and leaving several feet between us, not trying to say goodnight, not cuddling with me ever since about three years earlier to know, and yes we have seven amazing and just plain special children. I know that children have some effect on our marriage but aren’t we supposed to actually communicate about what is going on with each one of us so that we can stay close and understand why we are going through certian situation. I try talking to him and he just looks at the game on his cell phone the entire time and claims no matter what I try to communicate with him about he says ” everything i talk about is stupid and he don’t give a crap about my discussions with him”ebout our dying marriage and I am so deeply in-love with my partner I could never imagine having another relationship with another stranger  but to be honest it may be my husbband my want to be with another woman.

Maybe he is not sure exactly what he needs to say for him to honestly communicate about why he is doing all the hurtful things to me, no matter if he wants to leave he can but don’t stay here pretending to want me when in actuality you want to go out having friends with others instead of staying home to just tell me how I do everything in my daily activities wrong and put me down over and fovever and fI am not sure why my husband has to do such mean and emotionally tiring things to me, he never claims to be wrong at times he just does whatever he can it seems to make me feel so horribly everyday the last year. Did so much researching on this one single word since I actually ended  up relating so closesly to this daily prompt day. Well I do think if I try sitting him down with a counselor to help us figure out if we should try putting the passion back in to our marriage if he no longer actually is necessary, he may finally one day tell me why he treats me so badly and its much worse when there are people around, his goal seems to be making me look like I am the worst person on earth, he just never say’s anything nice or complementing me on doing good on anything but let me state this I think we are destined to be with only one person and that person should be  our best friend and lover they should be our soul mate in life.


Being we have been so in-love once and I know that we both sill are in-love with one another but us having seven children really has but such a huge dent in our relationship, we are still close enough that we are each others only best friend I am just lacking the conversation which we always had until last year but i did have our youngest son last winter and even though he never tells me I know it has kill our personal life, putting such a space causing way to much distance with each other right now I see that most men when having especially seven children are more depressed than any of the mothers are likely to be, and maybe if I was to get a doctore to look at him puttin hum self on medicine maybe then I could see that partner who makes me get goose bumps just for m that one sexual look he gives me letting me know when he is ready, when he kissed me on my his lips are so warm and soft covering my mouth pushing in and out moving around slowly in my mouth while he would usually keep kissing me deeply like this everyday. Well now I am gong to continuen researching what will help put our lives back into order allowing us to become so sexually passionate with one another againg during our marrige instead of letting my soul mate just leave me and be unhappy I would rather fight for him till how ever long is requiried.

Sharon LeAnn Driver.

This picture of mystery of two people who are obviously in love with one another.

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