Daily Prompt: Hike

My family going to hike the Appalachians

Daily20811_517561658282482_1745601063_n Prompt: Hike

Today was one of several more adventure’s that we will be sharing for our lives. So I am sure you are actually able to guess I took my family for a hike in the Appalachian mountain’s for a wonderful fun day filled with so many special time’s. Decided that nearing the beginning of fall is one of the best times to do a hike here, the air is so light a crisp with just a slight chill on your lungs, the air is full of the forest’s smells, and the colors are unbelievable when seeing the color of the leaves changing. This forest of so full of life its perfect to bring any families, so much for everyone to do and we all will be doing it together, that will help you with bonding skills and trust. Walking up the first trail I began the hike today,  as we enter the forest we are stunned by the pure beauty surrounding us and so many colors among us from the ever-changing leaves. I see so many different colors like almond, copper penny, canary, buff, pumpkin, amber and others like tangerine, some camel, corn, bronze and Indian-red. Those are the only colors I am able to compare with other colors by names but there are so many others than those, then you smell the moisture of the creek’s flowing endlessly through the trails, they give such a familiar smell like on a rainy day but mixed with the smelling of moss from the floor.r of the forest and the smelling of pine trees , it’s so difficult to try making others see like me by just describing this stunning place and describing the incredible ‘ that the forest gives off. While we are hiking my children get so excited once they lay eyes on a deer drinking from the nearest creek, they began giggling and spooked the animal and it was gone faster than when it came. Having six small children it’s nice to show them life is not all about sitting around the game systems and talking on the cell phone’s and not ever leaving besides going to a friend’s house. Now doing our family time getting a nice day full of adventure and excitement. Once making it home way after the children’s bedtime, we are so exhausted that seems like we are all fully clothed and just laid down and fell right asleep in that spot. i hope one day the kids will remember our hike through the Appalachians and maybe do with their children as we do for them.

Sharon LeAnn Driver


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