Daily Prompt: Disagree

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              I am a very capable of making the proper life altering choices in my life. No I cannot be able to understand another person making any choices in their life which actually starts to drag into my life so that would leave me honestly with me in an honest emotional state where I disagree on this other individual trying to drag any problems in my life instead of focusing on their own lives.
           I was taught at such a young age, we never have any right to show any judgment upon another soul, we are all humans which means we all have skeletons swinging in our closest, never wanting anyone to see our terrible ways in life but never showing another person that any mistake they make could actually be a worse choice than any mistakes which I have ended up  making in life. No one is in any way better than any other person in the world, no matter how much money you make through the year, no matter if you are poor or rich it will never actually make us better than another.
          So thankful that my family which never claimed to be in any way better than another living soul, helped me with teaching my kids the same lesson which was taught too me, I want them to also see life as I do and seeing no matter our status in life we cannot place any judgment on another person and that no matter any other persons decisions we may actually disagree one hundred percent with but we cannot show any judgment to them cause we have our own skeletons in the closet so just understand, you start judging another person then that person will start judging you and you have skeletons in your closet as well.
     So I have been able to get along with anyone in life using my code of ethics. I don’t believe showing any other person in the world any judgment. I could never be able to start talking any type of feelings based on another persons life, I think me seeing that we all have terrible mistakes we make but we all have the right to not allow another person to know what mistakes we make or if they do they should understand even if I disagree with the choices they make or they disagree with my choices they need to keep that in their thoughts only not being spoken aloud to a living soul.



Sharon LeAnn Driver


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