Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished


                              I know since us seeing one another, we are now a whole in this relationship, he completes me like no other in this entire lonely world, and showing me we never could be called unfinished or incomplete, being he has now become my other half and we are now truly complete.

I see the pain in others that don’t have the connection we have, he comes near me I feel my heart skipping several beats from joy, my hair starts to standing all over my whole body, when talking we are able to finish each others sentences, so that means we could never be an unfinished lost cause.

                                    Always having heard that he wasn’t the man for me when we first started dating, now realizing the people saying this to us were actually jealous cause he is my man and he is what has finally made both of us complete into one whole person, and they are unfinished meaning they are all alone in the world while I have the best relationship and its thriving into an even more special type of relationship.

Laughing these days now when another outsider tries to come in-between me and my other half, so we watch others who get in one to another relationship and they are never able so far in life to find what they are trying to find in their life to make them happy, making then from an unfinished relationship status to a finished and complete type of life.

                               Now seeing that we have something beyond being special, with others praying he or myself will leave one another and cause us to go right back into misery and become again in life unfinished type of relationship status, but since we are one and complete one another we will never part in life we are too much like the other and needing one another so desperately from truly being in honest and true love with each other; like being a soulmate to one another.



Sharon LeAnn Driver


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