” Good things come to those who are willing to wait. ” Now understanding they true concept of this, I have waited for so many years among years for my family, and now I am the extremely proud mother of six children and so glad I waited or otherwise would’ve missed my having this wonderful miracle.

“I hear when you love something you should let it go, if it finds it way back to you well then you know that the love’s real .” How do we truly know when to let something go, do we know what another is thinking and can we just allow something to go when we in fact love it?  ” I am here to say what comes to mind from experience, I am a woman unlike any other you may ever meet and I don’t believe in love like most do when it comes to a relationship type loving.” Loving another person is not the only part of a relationship which ultimately keeps people together, I lack the strong quality of sticking my heart out to another person and that is due being hurt several different times from a relationship stand point of view. Hoping if one day I was to fall in deep passionate love, when that person was to push away to leave, lets just say I am hoping I will be willing to just let them go and see if they may return.

” Dreams are the highway to our future successes.” Teaching my children strongly to keep dreams alive, never think there is a stupid dream, and always believe in yourself with the highest qualities of standards and always know the sky is the limits.

Kindness, teaching, helping, selfless and other types of qualities are a must have a type. I wasn’t a nice person always, thinking of nothing other than myself and never did I want to help anyone by teaching the correct manners in life, and defiantly never would’ve been selfless maybe only selfish. Teaching myself now for over four long years to help others with difficult situations through their lives to make sure most don’t end up with the mistakes I did. Helping others is a devotion now, I wasn’t a good person to have known with at one point of my life and now I am so lucky to have lived the life I did and overcome its destruction with a smile upon my face.

” Life is what we make of it.” Yes either we can have a positive experience or a negative experience, and that is all due to the choices or paths we decide to take. I never made any good choices in my life which wasn’t a bad thing, I am grateful for living the life I did and actually becoming the woman I am today all thanks to my life of learning.

Thankful for everyday I wake up breathing, thankful for the days I am once again given to spend with my wonderfully blissful family and my life which is still here thankfully to help me spread the knowledge I am given by experience, mixed with the proper knowledge to overcome any situation we truly want to change.

” No one is capable of true judging other than the lord himself, and only cowards are judgmental of others in life.” In other words don’t throw rocks at a glass house. I know I am no one that ever has the right to judge anyone and I only have the right on judging my self on past a present behaviors. Life is too short for us  doing small simple-minded things as this, we must have more family time and just fun activities instead of doing false careless judging of others.

No I am not capable of explaining what it means to truly love another person, not able to define the feelings of love toward another, I do know that when you love another there is no mistaking it.


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